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Vol. 5A, No. 1 February, 1993
Refinement of the Use of Visual Traps to Predict Potential Damage to Sugar Maples from the Pear Thrips, Coli, Hollingsworth
National Maple Syrup Council Second Annual Meeting, Zimmerman
The Future of Sugar Maple vs. Insects and Diseases, Finley, Anundson
Proctor Maple Research Center University of Vermont Maple Syrup Study, Williams
Your American Maple Museum, Schneider
Sugar Maple IPM, Parker, Skinner, Brownbridge
News from Indiana, Garner

Vol. 5A, No. 2 June, 1993
A Pause for Thought about Pear Thrips, Skinner, Parker, Brownbridge, Teillon
Maine News, Schmidt
Your American Maple Museum, Schneider
Effects of Prior Pear Thrips Damage on Sap and Crown
Characteristics of Sugarbush Maples, Kold, McCormick
News from Massachusetts, McCrumm
1993 Ohio Maple Institute, Hoffman
Survey Results
64th Geauga County Maple Festival, Hoffman
Vermont Maple Sugarmakers’ Association Celebrates 100 Years, Foulds

Vol. 5A, No. 3 October, 1993
Pear Thrips, The Little One That Causes Big Problems, Skinner, Parker, Brownbridge
Maple Syrup Adulteration Detection Methods Part 1, Low
The American Maple Museum, Schneider
Computer Models Simulates Tree Grown
Maple Syrup Production Cost Update for 1992, Huyler, Williams

Vol. 5A, No. 4 December, 1993
IMSI Conducts Annual Meeting in Nova Scotia, Reynolds
1993 NAMSC Annual Meeting and Convention, Vogt
Progress toward Integrated Pest Management in Sugar Maple Stands, Skinner,Brownbridge, Parker

Vol. 6A, No. 1 February, 1994
1994 Sap Prices
Sugar House Powered by Solar Energy, Patterson
An Economic Analysis of the Demand for Maple Syrup, Iskow, Kolodinsky, Russo
A Shortage of Honesty in Sugarmakers, Young

Vol. 6A, No. 2 June, 1994
Consumer Testing of Maple Syrup Grade Names, James, James
The Changing American Market, Passewitz, Ault
Why Do Sugarmakers Sugar?, DeBoer

Vol. 6A, No. 3 October, 1994
Maple Industry Loses a Friend in Ray Foulds, Myott
Maple Syrup Production Cost 1994 Update, Huyler, Williams
1995 Maple Syrup Institutes, Hauge

Vol. 6A, No. 4 December, 1994
1994 NAMSC Annual Meeting and Convention, Vogt
IMSI Business, Reynolds
Maple Syrup Information Center: Issue Alert on the Safety of Maple Syrup
Propagation and Cultural Improvement of Sugar Maple for High Sap Sugar Concentration, Staats
Joint Statement of the NAMSC and IMSI on: Organic Production of Pure Maple Syrup as Adopted at West Springfield, on October 22, 1994

Vol. 7A, No. 1 February, 1995
Producer Guidelines on Managing Lead Levels in Maple Syrup, Myott

Vol. 7A, No. 2 June, 1995
Mysteries of Maple Syrup Flavor, Potter, Fagerson, Goldsmith
Fungi, Pear Thrips and Ants, Brownbridge, Boone, Skinner, Parker

Vol. 7A, No. 3 October, 1995
Road Signs Sell Maple Products, Ault
Effects of the Use of Paraformaldehyde, PEA Sterilizing Pellets on Sugar Maple Health: A Review, Morselli
Northern New York Sugarbushes Blasted by Microburst, Yancy
In Memorium, Arthur E. Merle

Vol. 7A, No. 4 December, 1995
IMSI Annual Meeting, Lussier
NAMSC Annual Meeting and Convention, Vogt
The Cost of Syrup Making!

Vol. 8A, No. 1 February 1996
Exploration in Turkey for Biological Control Organisms for the Pear Thrips, Cameron, Teulon
USDA Statistical Update, Davis
The Importance of Maple Syrup Finish Point, Heiligmann
1996 Sap Prices
Soil Acidification and Sugar Maple Decline in Northern Pennsylvania, Sharpe, Swistock

Vol. 8A, No. 2 June 1996
A Reexamination of the Effects of Paraformaldehyde on Tapped Sugar Maples I. Survey of Some Wisconsin Sugarbushes, Houston
Utah’s Mountain Maples: Sweet at 8,000 Feet, Leavitt

Vol. 8A, No. 3 October 1996
American Maple Museum Report, Yancey
NH Summer Meeting Focuses on Maple and Tourism, Blais
CT News, Milne
Evaluation of the Condition of Selected Maple Stands from NW New Brunswick, Barry, Robichaud
Sugar Synergy, Shalom
Reexamination of the Effects of Tapped Sugar Maples II. Development of Discoloration and Decay around Tapholes, Houston, Fagan
IMSI, Reynolds

Vol. 8A, No. 4 December 1996
Sage Gets Hubbell Award, Wells
Thoughts from New Hampshire, Blais
Cause of Perforated Tubing Under Investigation, Koehler, Parker, Skinner
NAMSC Meeting — Lansing, MI, Vogt
IMSI, Reynolds

Vol. 9A, No. 1 February 1997
IMSI, Reynolds
21st Annual Michigan Fall Tour, Anton
Annual Meeting of the NAMSC, Lussier
Sugar Maple Tree Ring Analysis To Determint Premature Sugar Maple Mortality and Environmental Effects on Diameter Growth, Swistock, Sharpe, Wilfong
Automatic Draw-off Systems, Crooks
USDA Statistical Update, Davis
1997 Sap Prices

Vol. 9A, No. 2 June 1997
Look Out! The Insect Strikes Again!, Skinner, Parker, Teillon
Sanitation and Cleaning of Maple Tubing, A Comprehensive Review, Chapeskie
News from Ohio, Hoffman
IMSI, Reynolds
News from the American Maple Museum, Allen
Improving Evaporator Efficiency, Heiligmann
Connecticut News, Milne

Vol. 9A, No. 3 October 1997
IMSI, Reynolds
Biological Control: A Major Component in Integrated Pest Management Parts I and II, Cameron
News from the American Maple Museum, Allen
New York News, Wells
Collection of Parasites for Potential Use as Biological Control Agents for Pear Thrips, Cameron
Wright Receives Hubbell Award
New Hampshire Summer Tour Held, Lassonde

Vol. 9A, No. 4 December 1997
IMSI, Reynolds
Joint Resolution of the IMSI and the NAMSC in Reference to the Regulation of Lead Residues in Maple Syrup
News from Maine, Schmidt
Mass. Maple Association on the Internet
Cornell University Funds Sugar Maple Research & Extension Proposal, Krasny, Staats, Smallidge
22nd Annual Fall Tour, Anton
Maple Syrup Sales Have Gone Sky High Flying our Helium Balloon, Schaefer
NAMSC 38th Annual Meeting, Vogt

Vol. 10A, No. 4 December 1998
IMSI Declares War on Maple Syrup Adulteration
Biological Control: A Major Component in Integrated Pest Management Part III

Vol. 10A, No. 3 October 1998
The Use of High Pressure Steam in the Production of Maple Products

Vol. 10A, No. 2 June 1998
Sugaring Tour with School Groups: Making Maple Important in your Community

Vol. 10A, No. 1 February 1998
Vermont Delays Lead Level Reduction

Vol. 11A, No. 1 February 1999
Impacts of the January 1998 Ice Storm and Looking Ahead, Koegl
A Year After The Ice Storm – What Next for New Hampshire Producers?, L. Blais
The Affect of Soil Calcium to Aluminum Ratio on Sugar Maple Seedlings, Demchik, Sharpe
What Every Sugarmaker Should Know about the Asian Longhorned Beetle, Parker, Skinner
Research at the College d’Alfred Looks at Solutions for Maple Tubing Contamination, P-A. Blais, Page

Vol. 11A, No. 2 June 1999
The American Maple Museum, E. Allen
Last “First Tapping” Hosted by Longtime Syrup Producers, Schultz
Lead in Sugar Maple Sap from one Norther Pennsylvania Site, Demchik, Sharpe, Kogelmann

Vol. 11A, No. 3 October 1999
New York State Tour a Leaning Experience, Crill, Lyndaker
Wood Firing of Maple Sugar Evaporators, DeBoer
The Asian Longhorned Beetle – Beware, Skinner, Parker
Sugarhouse on The Mall in Washington, DC, Hutchinson

Vol. 11A, No. 4 December 1999
We Care About YOUR Trees – Update on the Asian Longhorned Beetle, Parker, Skinner
Uihlein Sugar Maple Ginseng Research Project, Beyfuss, Staats
Investigating Manganese Toxicity on Sugar Maple Seedlings in Solution Culture, Kogelmann, Sharpe
1999 NAMSC Convention – Portland, Maine, Vogt

Vol. 12A, No. 1 February 2000
Remembering “Doc” Willits, Davenport
Environmental Stresses on the Sugar Maple by the Year 2000 May Affect Sap Biochemistry, Hence Syrup Grades, Morselli
Greenhouse Effects – Global Warming is Well Underway – Here are Some Telltale Signs, Time Magazine
The American Maple Museum, Allen

Vol. 12A, No. 2 June 2000
Update on the Maple Tubing Sanitation Research in Ontario, Blais
The American Maple Museum, Allen
The Pennsylvania Maple Syrup Industry, Demchik, Finley, Davenport, Adams

Vol. 12A, No. 3 SEPTEMBER 2000
Why We Need Local Farms, Lewis
The American Maple Museum, Allen
A Survey of Sugar Maple Nutrition in Vermont and its Implications for the Fertilization of Sugar Maple Stands, Wilmot

Vol. 12A, No. 4 December 2000
Sanitation of Maple Tubing Systems: Second Year of Testing, Blais, Weil
2000 NAMSC Convention – Burlington, Vermont, Vogt
Monitoring Ice Storm Recovery of Sugar Bushes in Northern New York, Staats, Smallidge, Krasny, Campbell, Winship

Vol. 13A, No. 1 February 2001
Sugar Maple Tree Improvement Program, Uihlein Sugar Maple Field Station, Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University
Sugar Maple Management Highlights for the Region

Vol. 13A, No. 2 June 2001
New Acoustic Detector Helps Locate Asian Longhorned Beetles, Reprinted from Timber Producer Association of Michigan & Wisconsin Magazine
The American Maple Museum, Allen
Equating Syrup Price to Sap Price, Jenkins

Vol. 13A, No. 3 October 2001
Cornell University Continues Ice Storm Recovery Program to Monitor Sugar Maple Health & Productivity, Campbell, Winship, Staats
Comparing Some Key Attributes of Sugar Maple and Black Maple, Chapeskie
The American Maple Museum, Allen
Limitations in the Use of Ozone to Disinfect Maple Sap, Labbe, Kinsley, Wu

Vol. 13A, No. 4 December 2001
2001 NAMSC Convention – St. Cloud, Minnesota, Vogt
What’s New in your Sugarbush?, Hopkins

Vol. 14A, No. 1 February 2002
Testing for Invert Sugar in Maple Syrup, Dole
High Pressure Boiler Selection for the Production of Maple Products, Coons
Sugar Maple/Ginseng Research Projects, Uihlein Sugar Maple Field Station

Vol. 14A, No. 2 June 2002
The American Maple Museum, Allen

Vol. 14A, No. 3 October 2002
Comparison of Alternative Sap Ladders Applied Research in Ontario, Chapeskie, Wheeler

Vol. 14A, No. 4 December 2002
2002 Census of Agriculture Begins to Count the Nation’s Farms, New England Agriculture Statistics Service
2002 NAMSC Convention – North Conway, New Hampshire

Vol. 15A, No. 1 February 2003
OSHA Inspections – The Maine Experience, Hopkins

Vol. 15A, No. 2 June 2003
Two Pipe Sap Ladder – A Promising Alternative, Chapeskie
Blending Syrup - Part I, Heiligmann
Excess Manganese Reduces Chlorophyll in Sugar Maple Leaves, St. Clair, Sharpe, Lynch

Vol. 15A, No. 3 October 2003
Blending Syrup – Part II, Heiligmann
Managing a Small Lead-Soldered Evaporator to Keep Lead Out of Syrup, Wilmot, Isselardt, Perkins
Field Evaluation of the Small Diameter Spout for Maple Sap Collection, Staats, Campbell

Vol. 15A, No. 4 December 2003
2003 NAMSC Convention – Truro, Nova Scotia, Kless
1998 Ice Storm Effects on the Health and Productivity of Sugar Bushes of Eastern Ontario, Noland

Vol. 16A, No. 1 February 2004
A History of Taps and Tree Size, Chabot
Cultural Methods for Establishing Sugar Maple in Field Plantings, Staats, Campbell

Vol. 16A, No. 2 June 2004
Improving Evaporator Efficiency, Fruth
Weather Forecasts for Maple Producers, Eggleston
Shelf Life Extension of Maple Cream, Padilla-Zakour, Worobo, Tandon, Churey, Winship, Merle

Vol. 16A, No. 3 October 2004
Sugar Maple Health and Management, Ruble
Fertilization of Sugarbushes – Part I – Physiological Effects, Perkins, Wilmot, Zando

Vol. 16A, No. 4 December 2004
Fertilization of Sugarbushes – Part II – Sap Volume and Sweetness, Perkins, Wilmot, Zando
2004 NAMSC Convention – Lake George, New York, Polak

Vol. 17A, No. 1 February 2005
1988 Ice Storm Effects on the Health and Productivity of Sugar Bushes of Eastern Ontario: Part 2, Noland, McVey, Chapeskie
Some Background on the Asian Longhorned Beetle
Evaluation of Alternative Sap Ladders Summary of 2002-2003 Research Project, Chapeskie

Vol. 17A, No. 2 June 2005
Maple Grading School A Sweet Success, Graham

Vol. 17A, No. 3 October 2005
Maple Syrup Production Down 18 Percent Nationwide, NASS
New Tapping Guidelines, Chabot
A History of the Gooseneck: The Brower Sap Piping System and the Cary Maple Sugar Company, Thomas

Vol. 17A, No. 4 December 2005
Making Maple Syrup in a Land of Funnel Cakes and Pulled Pork, Rechlin, Michielen
2005 NAMSC Convention – Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Polak

Vol. 18A, No. 1 February 2006
Proctor Maple Research Center Update: Investigation the Effects of Sap Processing Equipment and Techniques on Maple Syrup Chemistry & Quality, Perkins
Controlling Microbial Population in Sap Systems, Worobo, Chabot
Climate Change and the New England Forest, Massachusetts Audubon Society

Vol. 18A, No. 2 June 2006
Temperatures in the Sugarbush, Wilmot
Relating Spectrophotometer Readings to Visual Grading of Maple Syrup, Chabot, Childs

Vol. 18A, No. 3 October 2006
Should Lateral Lines be Vented?, Perkins, Wilmot
Does Sap Flow Better During Holy Week?, Saupe

Vol. 18A, No. 4 December 2006
Sugar Profiles of Maple Syrup Grades, van den Berg, Perkins, Isselhardt
2006 NAMSC Convention – Green Bay, Wisconsin, Polak

Vol. 19A, No. 1 February 2007
Comparison of Visual Grading Methods, Chabot, Childs
Sweet New Role for Mothballed Agroforestry Center, VanDusen

Vol. 19A, No. 2 June 2007
Survey of Important Issues Facing the Maple Industry, Hopkins, Dole, Marckres
Comparison of the “Small” Spout with the Traditional 7/16” Spout, Perkins, Stowe, van den Berg

Vol. 19A, No. 3 October 2007
Lecanium Scale: What a Sticky Mess!, Rogers, Skinner, Parker
Temperature Patterns within an Oil-Fired Maple Evaporator, Isselhardt, van den Berg, Perkins
Vacuum Sap Collectioin: How High or Low Should You Go?, Wilmot, Perkins, van den Berg

Vol. 19A, No. 4 December 2007
2007 NAMSC Convention – Akron, Ohio, Polak

Vol. 20A, No. 1 February 2008
Effects of Various Filters on Sap Quality and Characteristics, Lachance, Crolla, Lagace, Chapaskie

Vol. 20A, No. 2 June 2008
The Timing of Tapping for Maple Sap Collection, Wilmot

Vol. 20A, No. 3 October 2008
Vapour Compression Evaporation, Rogers
Storing Your Bumper Crop, Ober
Can Maple Sugar Producers Succeed without Research, Chabot, Perkins, Ramacieri
FSC Certified Maple Syrup Becomes Available in Ontario, Davis
Asian Long-Horned Beetle Discovered in Massachusetts, McCrumm

Vol. 20A, No. 4 December 2008
2008 NAMSC Convention – Amherst, Massachusetts, Polak

Vol. 21A, No. 1 February 2009
Metabolism Off-Flavor in Maple Syrup – Part I: Identification of the compound responsible for metabolism off-flavor, van den Berg, Perkins, Godshall, Lloyd, Isselhardt
Achieving the Right Syrup Density, Henderson
Ice Storm Unveils Discovery of Another Tree with Signs of ALB, McCrumm

Vol. 21A, No. 2 June 2009
Technical Position Paper on Air Injection, Martin, Perkins, Ramacieri, van den Berg
Industry Reviews Air Injection Technology and its Use in the Production of Maple Syrup, Chapeskie

Vol. 21A, No. 3 October 2009
Metabolism Off-Flavor in Maple Syrup – Part II: Remediatioin of metabolism off-flavor in maple syrup, van den Berg, Perkins, Isselhardt, Godshall, Lloyd
Development and Testing of the Check-Valve Spout Adapter, Perkins

Vol. 21A, No. 4 December 2009
2009 NAMSC Convention – Bar Harbor, Maine, Polak

Vol. 22A, No. 1 February 2010
Antimicrobial Silver in Maple Sap Collection, Perkins

Vol. 22A, No. 2 June 2010
Boiling Clean with Air, Wheeler
An Alternative Measure of Yearly Maple Syrup Production (Yield-Per-Tap/Day ), Tyminski
An Overview of Consumer Research Conducted to Determine Support for a Standardised Grading System for Pure Maple Syrup, Garwood

Vol. 22A, No. 3 October 2010
Excerpts of Postings about Leader Check-Valve Adapters, Perkins
Pure Maple Syrup Contains Medicinally Beneficial Compounds, ScienceDaily
Changes in Sap Yields from Tubing Systems under Vacuum Due to System Aging, Perkins, Stowe, Wilmot
Maple Syrup Production Down 19 Percent Nationwide, NASE

Vol. 22A, No. 4 December 2010
2010 NAMSC Convention – Stratford, Ontario, Polak

Vol. 23A, No. 1 February 2011
2010 Sugaring Season Survey, Perkins

Vol. 23A, No. 2 June 2011
Estimating Twig Starch Content in Sugar Maple: Evaluation of the Visual Technique, Isselhardt
Identification of Microbial Spoilage in Maple Syrup Samples, Clader, Hopkins, Marshall, Annis

Vol. 23A, No. 3 October 2011
Maple Syrup Production in a Changing Environment, Hluchyj, Murphy
History: North American Maple Syrup Council

Vol. 23A, No. 4 December 2011
2011 NAMSC Convention – Frankenmuth, Michigan, Polak

Vol. 24A, No. 1 February 2012
Relationships between Tubing System Component Age and Sap Yield – A Preliminary Assessment, Perkins, van den Berg
2011 Update of Maple Tubing and Taphole Sanitation Research at Cornell, Childs
A New Method for Pricing Sap, Farrell

Vol. 24A, No. 2 June 2012
High Vacuum in Gravity Tubing, Wilmot

Vol. 24A, No. 3 October 2012
Tubing Cleaning – Methods Used in the United States, Perkins, van den Berg

Vol. 24A, No. 4 December 2012
2012 NAMSC Convention – Mystic, Connecticut, Polak
Chemical Composition of Scale in Maple Syrup Evaporators, Illelhardt, van den Berg, Perkins

Vol. 25A, No. 1 February 2013
2012 Maple Tubing Research, Childs

Vol. 25A, No. 2 June 2013
Sugar Maple Sap Yields Using One or Two Tapholes Per Tree, Wilmot

Vol. 25A, No. 3 October 2013
Sulfite Concentration in Pure Maple Syrup, Sadikia, Lagacé, Perkins
An Integrated Approach to Producing Syrup from Maple, Birch and Walnut Trees, Farrell
The “Jones Rule of 86” Revisited, Perkins, Isselhardt

Vol. 25A, No. 4 December 2013
Growth Rates of Trees Tapped with High Yield Sap Collection Practices: Are Conservative Tapping Guidelines Sustainable?, van den Berg, Perkins, Isselhardt, Wilmot

Vol. 26A, No. 1 February 2014
2013 Maple Tubing Research, Childs
A Model of the Tapping Zone, van den Berg, Perkins

Vol. 26A, No. 2 June 2014
Microbial Contamination in Maple Syrup, Hopkins, Annis, Calder, Garcia, Perkins
Crown Release Equals More and Sweeter Sap, Ruble

Vol. 26A, No. 3 October 2014
Does sugar removal impact trees? A complex question to answer, Isselhardt
Imidacloprid contamination of maple sap following Asian longhorned beetle quarantine treatment, Cowles, Lagalente, Lombard
Some in- and out-of-season tests on 3/16” maple tubing, Childs

Vol. 26A, No. 4 December 2014
A Mathematical Model for Maple Sap Exudation, Graf, Stockie
Producing Syrup from Black Walnut Trees in the Eastern United States, Farrell, Mudge
Maple Packers & Packer Cooperatives Commit to Stringent Lead Reduction Measures
Roy and Mary Ellen Hutchinson Honored for Years of Dedication to Maple Syrup Digest

Vol. 53, No. 1 February 2015
Chemical composition of five standard grades of pure maple syrup
Examining the impact of seed production on sap sugar content
Rethinking how we determine sap prices
Pure maple gaining on artificial syrups
The potential value of a joint marketing program for the maple industry
Misrepresentation of maple syrup
International Maple Syrup Institute publishes invasive species position statement

Vol. 54, No. 2 June 2015
International Meeting Information
Annual Crop Reports
Economics of Processing Grade Syrup
2015 Inductees Into the Maple Hall of Fame
2015 3/16” Maple Tubing Cooperator Trial

Could Maple Syrup Help Cut Use of Antibiotics?
Status of Adoption of New Maple Syrup Grading Regulations

Vol. 54, No. 3 October 2015
Does Reverse Osmosis Change Syrup Flavor?
How Does NASS Work?
First International Birch Conference a Success
Organizational Growth and Development or Is your Maple Association Working?
The First International Maple Symposium

Vol. 54, No. 4 December 2015
The Maple Syrup Digest Goes Digital!
Comparison of Digital Refractometers for Use by Maple Producers
Tim Wilmot, University of Vermont Maple Extension Specialist, Retires
Advances in Understanding the Potential Health Benefi ts of Maple Syrup
Maple Syrup and the New U.S. Food Safety Rules
Summaries of Research Presentations from 2015 NAMSC Annual Meeting
Is there Another Invasive Pest in your Sugarbush?
Minutes of the 2015 NAMSC Annual Meeting
2015 NAMSC Awardees
Contest Winners
Highlights from IMSI Annual Meeting
VT Association Seeks Signators on Lett er to FDA

Vol. 55, No. 1 February 2016
Help Spread the Word: March is Maple Month!
A Summary of Research to Improve Vacuum in Maple Tubing Systems
Sugarhouse Aesthetics: What The Public Sees
Do Not Use Isopropyl Alcohol as a Maple Sanitizer in the U.S.
Evaluating Processing Methods to Produce Safe, Shelf Stable
Maple Sap Beverages for Small Operations
Taphole Injury in Red Maple
International Maple Syrup Institute News
Sap Prices
IN Maple Syrup Association Holds Annual Meeting
In Memoriam: Maple Community Losses

Vol. 55, No. 2 June 2016
Schedule and Information for 2016 International Maple Meetings
Investigating Decreaing Growth Rates of Sugar Maple in the Adirondacks
How Will Climate Change Affect Maple Syrup?
Ask Proctor
Maple Tours and Events
Thoughts on the Season: Bruce Bascom
2016 American Maple Hall of Fame Inductees
Maple Labeling Requirements
Maple Books
Record Year for Production in Quebec
U.S. Crop Production Report
2016 Crop Reports from US Members

Vol. 55, No. 3 October 2016
Maintaining a Healthy Sugarbush
The Cost of Production for Vermont Maple Syrup
Planning for the Future of your Sugaring Operation
Ask Proctor
Sap Collection from Small-Diameter Trees
Book Review: Maple Sugaring: Keeping it Real in New England

Vol. 55, No. 4 December 2016
Is Tapping Below the Lateral Line a Good Idea?
Maple’s Changing Story
The Work of Maple Associations
Ask Proctor
Summary of Research Presentations from 2016 NAMSC Annual Meeting
News Round-Up
Minutes of the 2016 NAMSC Annual Meeting
2016 NAMSC Maple Products and Photo Contest Winners

Vol. 56, No. 1 February 2017
3/16” Tubing Research Results from The Uihlein Forest
Managing for a Healthy Sugarbush in a Changing Climate
Acid Rain and Sugar Maple Decline
Sweet Signs Help with Marketing
Research Update on Birch Sap & Syrup Trials
International Maple Syrup Institute News
Identifying and Preventing Maple Syrup Off-Flavors
Sap Pricing Table
Tips for Welcoming Sugarhouse Visitors on Maple Weekend
Sugarmakers Count! Participate in the 2017 U.S. Census of Ag

Vol. 56 No. 2 June 2017
When is it Syrup ? Tools and techniques for measuring syrup density

Vol. 56 No. 2 June 2017
Requirements for Sugarmakers Under the New U.S. Food Safety Regulations
Maple Food Safety Plans – Do You Need One?
Magnetic Induction-Powered Evaporation: An Experimental Design
Maple Watch Continues Biochemical Research in New Hampshire
Ask Proctor
American Maple Hall of Fame Inductees
International Maple Syrup Institute News
Federal Labeling Requirements Update
2017 Crop Reports

Vol. 56, No. 3 October 2017 Insert
Gravity Filtering: Simple tools and techniques for filtering small batches of maple syrup

Vol. 56, No. 3 October 2017
Potential Plastic Residues in Maple Sap and Syrup Following Isopropyl Alcohol Sanitation      of the Tubing System
Maple Research and Extension….. Going, going, gone?
Ask Proctor
Henry Marckres: Retiring after decades of ‘Lovely Days’ in Maple
Acer Access and Development Program Grantees Announced
International Maple Syrup Institute News

Vol. 56, No. 4 December 2017
Assessment of the Flavor of Syrup Produced with High-Brix RO Systems
Ask Proctor
Vermont Extension Specialist George Cook Retires
Summaries of Research Presentations from 2017 NAMSC Annual Meeting
NAMSC Annual Meeting 2017: Maple Specialists Report
2017 NAMSC Maple & Photo Contest Winners
Minutes of the 2017 NAMSC Annual Meeting
International Maple Syrup Institute News
2017 NAMSC Research Fund Contributors

Vol. 57, No. 1 January 2018
Effect of Chemical Descaling of Evaporator Back Pans During the Season on the Properties of Maple Syrup
Do Invasive Worms Threaten Northeast Maple Forests?
Attend the 2018 International Maple Meetings in New Hampshire
International Maple Syrup Institute News
Tree Size Matters
Season Events in the States
Michigan’s Sugar Maples Will Struggle in a Warmer, Drier Future

Vol. 57, No. 2 June 2018  Insert
Quality Control in the Sugarhouse

Vol. 57, No. 2 June 2018
High Brix Syrup Processing – First Two Seasons with Lapierre HyperBrix
2018 Crop reports
Ask Proctor
Hall of Fame Inductees
Are You Coming to New Hampshire?
The Season is Over: Now, How Will You Sell Your Syrup?
Sales Advice From a Business “Hatchery”
Business Advice From a Maple Specialist
NAMSC Weighs in on “Added Sugar” Issue

Vol. 57, No. 3 October 2018
Assessing Strategies for Spout and Drop Sanitation in 5/16” Tubing
Determining Shelf Life and Consumer Acceptability of Processed Maple Sap Beverages
Ask Proctor
Adding Profits Through Value-Added Products
Tips from Successful Value-Added Producers
Tales from Value-Added Producers
Thinking of Value-Added? Ask Yourself
FDA Reconsidering Added Sugar Label for Maple
2018 USDA Acer grants awarded
Are You Coming to New Hampshire?

Vol. 57, No. 3  October 2018  Insert
Tapping Tips

Vol. 57, No. 4  December 2018
Chemical and Microbial Characterization of Ropy Maple Sap and Syrup
Ask Proctor
Reporting to USDA/NASS
2019 NYS Maple Conference
A Slow Boil: Marketing’s Long Game
Marketing Advice from Sugarmakers
Call for Proposals: NAMSC Education Grants
2018 NAMSC Maple & Photo Contest Winners
Minutes of the 2017 NAMSC Annual Meeting
International Maple Syrup Institute News

Vol. 58, No.1 Feburary 2019
Southern Syrup Research Symposium
2018 Maple Season Replicated Re-Tap Study
Added Sugars Label Rule Reversed
In Memoriam: Recent Losses in the Maple Syrup Industry
Agritourism: Education, Marketing, and More
The Old Maple Diabetic Meter Isn’t Working so Well Anymore
Ten Years with the ALB Program in Massachusetts
2018 Contributors to the NAMSC Research Fund

Vol. 58, No. 2 June 2019
Come to Duluth for the 2019 NAMSC/IMSI Meetings
2019 Maple Hall of Fame: Kathy Hopkins
2019 Maple Hall of Fame: Michael Herman
USDA/NASS Scales Back Annual Maple Count Dramatically
Crop Reports
US Crop Production Report from USDA
Spotted Lanternfly: A New Sugarbush Threat
Food Safety Resources for Maple Producers
International Maple Syrup Institute News

Vol. 58, No. 3 October 2019  Insert

Sugarbush Mapping
Finding information to assist in forest management and planning in the sugarbush

Vol. 58, No. 3 October 2019
A Decade of Spout and Tubing Sanitation Research Summarized
The Shifting Sweet Spot of Maple Syrup Production: Climate Change Impacts on Sugar Maple Sap
Ask Proctor
Remembering Brian Stowe
2019 Cornell Maple Program Research on 5/16” Maple Tubing
How Big are U.S. Maple Producers?
International Maple Syrup Institute News

Vol. 58, No. 4 December 2019
Sanitation, Clogging, or Both: A Comparison Study of 3/16” and 5/16” Maple Tubing
Thomas Jefferson and the Development of the Maple Sugar Industry
Minutes of the 2019 NAMSC Annual Meeting
Maple Specialists Meet in Duluth
2019 NAMSC Maple & Photo Contest Winners
International Maple Syrup Institute News
WV Offers Maple Courses

Vol. 59, No. 1 January 2020
Identifying an Effective Defoamer for Certified Organic Maple Production
Silviculture, and Why it Belongs in a Sugarbush
2019 USDA ACER Funded Projects
Maple Syrup Geography and Uses Expanding
New Nutrition Label Guidance Issued
Online Resources and Programs From UVM Extension
Symposium: Making it Work in the Southern Tier

Vol. 59, No. 2 June 2020

Darkening of Maple Syrup in Uncoated and XL-Coated Plastic Containers
2020 International Meetings in WI Cancelled
The Maple Season Moves to the Fall!
When Tubing is Tapped Out: Recycling Maple Plastics
2020 Crop Reports
Changes in Consumer Spending and Opportunities for Maple Producers
U.S. Crop Production Report (NASS)

Vol. 59, No. 3 September 2020
Allergens and Maple Syrup Production
State Regulations for Maple Production
The Importance of Drought Stress and Water Availability for Maple Sap Production
Grade Blending: A New Calculator
Maple Workshops Available Online
Russell Davenport

Vol. 60, No. 1 March 2021

Effects of Tapping Depth on Sap Volume, Sap Sugar Content,
and Syrup Yield Under High Vacuum

What Causes Buddy Syrup and What Can Be Done to Prevent it?
The Northeast Maple Economy: Crop Distribution and Outlook
The Introduction and Adoption of the First Evaporators
Homemade Small Reverse Osmosis Machines

Vol. 60, No. 2 June 2021

Register Now for International Maple Meetings
Donate Items to Support Maple Research
Wound Response to Taphole Rejuvenation Practices
Sugarbush Management and Chainsaw Safety
The early History of the Plastic Maple Syrup Jug: Part One – The 1960s
2021 Season Reports
Wisconsin Association Working to Change Hauling Laws
New FDA Dietary Guidelines
Maple Hall of Fame Inductees
In Memoriam

Vol. 60, No. 3 September 2021

In-Person International Meetings Cancelled
Timing of Spout and Dropline Deployment Has No Effect on Sap Yield
Tapping Walnut Trees: Studies on Walnut Sap Flow
The early History of the Plastic Maple Syrup Jug: Part Two – The 1970s
UVM Proctor Center needs your HELP!
Producing Intense Flavored Maple Sugar Through Vacuum Boiling
New Cornell Sugarhouse Sweetens NY’s Maple Industry
Ask Proctor

Vol. 61, No. 1 March 2022

Reduced Sap Yields When Tapping Into Non-Conductive Wood
Managing Invasive Plants in the Sugarbush
Why and How to Check your Hydrometer’s Accuracy
NAMSC Update on Activities
Maplin’ on the Mississippi
A Look at Early 19th Century Beginnings for Flat Pans and Sugarhouses
2021 Acer Access and Development Program Grant Awards
In Memoriam: Karl Evans